What happens when I forget my triptans

After breakfast, I felt the migraine coming on. It spider-webbed across my forehead, sending fingers of pain inward to my brain. I was about to leave for my flight to California for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, and I wasn’t going to screw around with “Should I take a triptan or not?” Nothing—and especially not migraines, … Continue reading »

Emergency letter to myself

Dear Kelly, I am writing this because you feel guilty about taking care of yourself when you already have a migraine or are about to get one. You feel self-indulgent and spoiled. You feel like the world is going to pass you by if you’re not there to grab it on its way. You don’t … Continue reading »

Prozac is helping my migraines

Yes. You read that title correctly. On Prozac (fluoxetine), I’m having fewer and less severe migraines. I’ve even had a few days that were essentially pain-free–on these days I felt absolutely euphoric. I still have a migraine every day, and I still have a severe migraine at least one day per week (down from three … Continue reading »

Miss Migraine says hello again

Hello. My last post said I was done with Miss Migraine, but as it turns out Miss Migraine  was not done with me. The break I took from working on this blog has helped me re-focus my blogging goals and desires. I have to give 90 percent of the credit for this new perspective to … Continue reading »

Miss Migraine says goodbye

This will be my last post as Miss Migraine, but you can find my new blog at my website, kellylynnthomas.com, where I’ll be writing about the process of becoming the best version of myself in spite of challenges like having constant migraines. When I began this blog a few years ago, I desperately needed a … Continue reading »

There’s nothing generic about migraine disease

There’s nothing generic about migraine disease

Migraine is an invisible chronic illness, and one that is highly individual. I experience pain, vertigo, blurred vision, and trouble speaking clearly when I have a migraine. Others experience light-headedness, neck stiffness and congestion. These symptoms are internal, not like a cut that wells up red with blood. You can’t take a picture of them … Continue reading »