A frantic summer

In my experience, summer and the winter holiday season are always hectic, even if you don’t have specific plans. Everyone around you has specific plans—family gatherings, vacations, kid stuff, etc.—and the frantic activity from their lives bleeds into yours.

I’m totally in that summer frantic place, because 1.) I got a promotion at work and started at a new-to-me library branch a few weeks ago (!), 2.) lots of people at my new branch are taking vacations just as I’m starting, so we’re a bit short staffed, and I’m trying to learn a new job on top of the basic library stuff, and 3.) my husband and I are actually doing a decent number of weekend trips this summer.

Plus our house is still a construction zone, I’m trying to keep up with my writing, my blogs, submitting to literary journals, and reading ALL THE BOOKS, and am, not surprisingly, finding this to be difficult.

BUT that’s okay, because I’ve been getting maybe one severe migraine per week, and instead of lasting three or four days, they’re lasting not even a full day. NOT EVEN A FULL DAY!!

I can handle frantic hectic craziness when my head doesn’t hurt. It actually feels kind of amazing to be able to juggle so many things without my world crashing down around me every other day.

I do need to make some adjustments in how I’m spending my time, though, because there’s no guarantee my current run of good migraine luck will last. That fear of the next big migraine will always be there, lurking, making me cautious, doubtful. And perhaps that’s for the best, as I do have a tendency to over-extend myself.

I’m taking steps to help myself make this good luck last, though: yoga every morning, no more coffee (for real this time! except when I go out for breakfast, because restaurants always have shitty tea), eating my meals at the same time every day. (I’ll write more about my new daily routine in another post.)

I know I can’t do EVERYTHING, but it’s amazing how much I can do when I’m not in constant, debilitating pain.


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