About Miss Migraine:

The Headache Monster. Drawn (if you can call it that) by me on the FreeNote app on my Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Since 2008, migraine disease has done its damnedest to control my life and take away my ability and passion for writing, comics, Star Wars, and all things fun. The Adventures of Miss Migraine: Tales of Geekery, Writing, and Life with Chronic Illness is my way of kicking migraines in the face and making them work for me.

So, this is a blog about me and my migraine(s). It’s debatable whether I have the same one all the time, and it changes outfits some days, or if there are different migraines that take shifts: one day in the temples, one day in the back of the head, etc., or if the one migraine just has multiple personalities and agoraphobia (where the house is my head).

Hopefully, if you suffer from migraine disease or any other kind of invisible pain, you’ll find my attempts to make sense of the frustration and weirdness that comes with a constant migraine helpful and occasionally humorous.

Miss Migraine is hosted as a sub-domain of my umbrella website, kellylynnthomas.com. Over there you’ll find additional information about me, my writing, and some of my non-migraine-related adventures.

About Kelly Lynn Thomas:

Me with my corgi Lexi.

I am a former journalist and community newspaper editor and current public library employee. I have an MFA in creative writing from Chatham University, which I earned while having a constant migraine. My husband and I live in Pittsburgh with our two dogs and our migraines (yes, he gets them, too — aren’t we a pair?).

One day I’d like to have a “real” garden, but in the meantime I take care of an ever-expanding collection of porch planters holding various plants from tomatoes to a blackberry bush to swiss chard to hostas and ivies to annual flowers.

My home office is covered in Star Wars posters and piles of fabric waiting for me to stop procrastinating and turn them into things like skirts and purses and curtains. I also have a habit of leaving stacks of books practically everywhere, but as my husband also reads voraciously, he doesn’t mind.