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New commenting policy

I got a few inappropriate comments last week that made realize I should really have a comment policy for this blog (and my other sites, as well). You can read the new policy on the Commenting page. It takes effect immediately. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade or be the thought police; I … Continue reading »

Miss Migraine says hello again

Hello. My last post said I was done with Miss Migraine, but as it turns out Miss Migraine  was not done with me. The break I took from working on this blog has helped me re-focus my blogging goals and desires. I have to give 90 percent of the credit for this new perspective to … Continue reading »

Miss Migraine says goodbye

This will be my last post as Miss Migraine, but you can find my new blog at my website,, where I’ll be writing about the process of becoming the best version of myself in spite of challenges like having constant migraines. When I began this blog a few years ago, I desperately needed a … Continue reading »

Miss Migraine takes a year-end break

I’m going to give myself a blogging vacation for the rest of the year. On the 25th I leave for Arkansas for a week to visit my best friend, and I want to concentrate on hanging out and doing fun things away from the computer screen. I’ll be back in 2015 with migraine-related resolutions, musings … Continue reading »

Where I’ve been (Hint: Not in a good place)

I’ve been struggling. My migraines are terrible, my insurance has denied coverage for a medication that would probably make me feel better, and I’ve lost the ability to make decisions. For awhile, I thought I was going to shutter this blog entirely, but I’m reluctant to let it go. Sometimes writing about migraine disease is … Continue reading »

The New Miss Migraine

Three weeks ago I announced some changes would be coming to this blog. Today they have arrived. Take a look around. You will notice: A set posting schedule. Posts will go up every Wednesday morning. If I can’t make that deadline, you’ll hear about it. Name change from “Miss Migraine: The Adventures of a Girl … Continue reading »

The Future of Miss Migraine

In a few weeks, this blog will undergo a few adjustments to its name, look, and feel, and I will announce a regular posting schedule. Exciting right? Well, I’m excited. I’ve let Miss Migraine languish while I finished my MFA and adjusted to my new full-time work schedule, and I’m itching to rev it up … Continue reading »