Missing a beat (or ten)

It’s hard to take multiple medications multiple times daily without screwing it up somewhere.

During the last days of my previous job, I kept forgetting to take my lunch-time meds. Recently, I left my prescriptions in the car and missed three days of one of my morning medications.

Missing even one dose screws me up royally. If it happens consistently I’ll get a migraine for a week.

Really, I don’t have much to complain about right now. My meds are working, and keeping myself on a regimented schedule is helping too.

But it’s frustrating that skipping one step, faltering on one detail, can send me into a tailspin that ends in an explosion of awful, constant, week-long pain and brain fog.

The next time I visit the pharmacy, I may invest in one of those old people pill reminders to help me stay on track.

What do you do to keep up with your migraine meds?

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One thought on “Missing a beat (or ten)

  1. I take a lot of pills now for the diabetes, and it’s a hassle. I take morning and evening, so when I take the morning ones I put them in front on the shelf to indicate that I’ve already taken them, then move them back and promote the evening ones when I take those. Keeps me from taking anything twice, but I do occassionally forget the evening meds still when I’m exceptionally busy. Lunch would be tough, do you have somewhere at work you could stash a few?

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