Some things that become difficult when you have a migraine

I’ve had the same, ongoing migraine for two weeks now, and I’m seriously irritated about it. I managed to do a bit around the house over the long weekend, but mostly I kept myself horizontal and read, because basic functions are hard: Standing upright and/or walking: Light-headedness and vertigo make walking without running into things … Continue reading »

If this craving, then that substitute

The word “chocoholic” was invented for me. I have never in my 28 years of life gotten sick of chocolate. Or pie. Pie is great. Under normal circumstances I have no difficulty eating a reasonable portion of whatever delicious baked good crosses my path. The problem is that Prozac–the very same drug that has reduced … Continue reading »

New commenting policy

I got a few inappropriate comments last week that made realize I should really have a comment policy for this blog (and my other sites, as well). You can read the new policy on the Commenting page. It takes effect immediately. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade or be the thought police; I … Continue reading »

People first language, or, I am not my migraines

A few years ago I wrote a post about why I don’t like the term “migraineur.” Since then I’ve done a lot of reading and learning about the chronic illness and disability communities; as a result, my dislike for the term has only grown. I’ve arrived at “person with migraine disease” for my preferred label. … Continue reading »

Did I drink too much coffee? Probably.

For the past three weeks, I’ve had a perfect storm of events that seem specifically designed to keep me in migraine hell FOREVER. First, I moved. Everything, my whole life, boxed up and carried from one house to another. Packing required some late nights with coffee as my friend. The day after the move, I … Continue reading »

What happens when I forget my triptans

After breakfast, I felt the migraine coming on. It spider-webbed across my forehead, sending fingers of pain inward to my brain. I was about to leave for my flight to California for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, and I wasn’t going to screw around with “Should I take a triptan or not?” Nothing—and especially not migraines, … Continue reading »