Sun shining through tomatoes

green, growing tomatoes

Tomatoes ripening in my garden. Click for full size.

This is a post for Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week: Share Your Visible Hope. My garden is something that grounds and centers me, connects me to Earth, and also yields food for me to eat. I nourish it, and it nourishes me — both in a physical and spiritual sense. Watering my pots is one of my daily rituals, one that I look forward to and savor. I like to talk to my plants, call them by name, tell them how beautiful and strong they’ve grown over the summer. When I listen close, I can hear them talking back, a faint, gentle whispering of water and soil and leaf, calming and relaxing, refreshing.

This is also my submission for #PhotoFriday, which is a weekly photo challenge. The challenge for the week of August 10 is “Raw.” I didn’t take this photo specifically for the contest (I took it specifically for Invisible Illness Awareness Week), but it matched up with this week’s prompt, so I wanted to share it. If you’re visiting from the Photo Friday website, thanks for coming!

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