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A seat in the classroom

A seat in the classroom

The stars have aligned in such a way that it makes sense for me to go back to grad school to earn a second master’s degree, this time in library science. I will be working full-time while I take classes part-time. I had trouble getting through grad school round one working part-time and taking classes … Continue reading »

Guilt, blame, and whose fault is it, anyway?

After a three-month stretch of miserable, awful migraines that required multiple rounds of steroids and several sick days, my migraine specialist suggested we add a fourth preventative to my regimen of medications. “Now you really need to focus on lifestyle things, because you’re going to be on four preventatives and you’re not where you want … Continue reading »

“You’re too sick.”

Over the past two months I’ve been experiencing a major migraine flare up. It’s funny (not really) how much worse the bad times feel to me now that I’m getting a fair amount of (almost) no migraine time. I feel out of sync with my job, my personal life, my responsibilities as a writer and … Continue reading »

Self-imposed stress

Hello there! I haven’t seen you in awhile. How have you been? Me? I’ve been taking on more and more responsibility at work, writing my butt off, and trying to balance everything without giving myself a stress-induced migraine every day. I’ve only been partially successful on the balance bit, and mostly unsuccessful in the migraine … Continue reading »

Emergency letter to myself

Dear Kelly, I am writing this because you feel guilty about taking care of yourself when you already have a migraine or are about to get one. You feel self-indulgent and spoiled. You feel like the world is going to pass you by if you’re not there to grab it on its way. You don’t … Continue reading »

Prozac is helping my migraines

Yes. You read that title correctly. On Prozac (fluoxetine), I’m having fewer and less severe migraines. I’ve even had a few days that were essentially pain-free–on these days I felt absolutely euphoric. I still have a migraine every day, and I still have a severe migraine at least one day per week (down from three … Continue reading »

Down, Down, Down

The spring semester is over, and right now I’m more or less free of obligations except for work and the usual household chores. It was a hell of a semester, with nearly constant high-level pain and two family emergencies. But I don’t feel any better. I still feel unfocused, unmotivated, restless. All I want to … Continue reading »

Mega Migraine and Its Aftermath

Mega Migraine and Its Aftermath

I’ve decided to call the three weeks of constant, crippling pain that has left me in a state of frazzled bewilderment Mega Migraine. Thank the maker for my migraine specialist and the steroids she gave me–they finally kicked the thing out of my brain and returned my pain levels to “normal” (relatively speaking–at least I … Continue reading »