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Guilt, blame, and whose fault is it, anyway?

After a three-month stretch of miserable, awful migraines that required multiple rounds of steroids and several sick days, my migraine specialist suggested we add a fourth preventative to my regimen of medications. “Now you really need to focus on lifestyle things, because you’re going to be on four preventatives and you’re not where you want … Continue reading »

Prozac is helping my migraines

Yes. You read that title correctly. On Prozac (fluoxetine), I’m having fewer and less severe migraines. I’ve even had a few days that were essentially pain-free–on these days I felt absolutely euphoric. I still have a migraine every day, and I still have a severe migraine at least one day per week (down from three … Continue reading »

Where I’ve been (Hint: Not in a good place)

I’ve been struggling. My migraines are terrible, my insurance has denied coverage for a medication that would probably make me feel better, and I’ve lost the ability to make decisions. For awhile, I thought I was going to shutter this blog entirely, but I’m reluctant to let it go. Sometimes writing about migraine disease is … Continue reading »

When insurance companies play doctor

A few months ago, I received a piece of mail from my insurance company advertising their “Health Coaches.” For no extra charge, the letter informed me, a certified RN would help me cope with my… depression? Wait, I thought, when the hell was I diagnosed with depression? Have my migraines gotten so bad that I’m … Continue reading »

A Few Ways Out of the Dark

As soon as I make it through one week, another week starts. The things I haven’t done pile up, like dog fur dust bunnies in the corners of my kitchen. I want to tell the world to STOP, please just stop for an hour, a day, so I can rest, sleep, watch stupid television and … Continue reading »

Down, Down, Down

The spring semester is over, and right now I’m more or less free of obligations except for work and the usual household chores. It was a hell of a semester, with nearly constant high-level pain and two family emergencies. But I don’t feel any better. I still feel unfocused, unmotivated, restless. All I want to … Continue reading »

December Migraine Blog Carnival: CORGI!

December Migraine Blog Carnival: CORGI!

Dogs are my antidepressants. I have two–a corgi and a German shepherd, but the corgi is my rock when it comes to migraines and pain management. The shepherd is definitely my husband’s dog, and she’s much younger (only two, whereas the corgi is going on nine), so I’m just going to talk about how the … Continue reading »