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A frantic summer

In my experience, summer and the winter holiday season are always hectic, even if you don’t have specific plans. Everyone around you has specific plans—family gatherings, vacations, kid stuff, etc.—and the frantic activity from their lives bleeds into yours. I’m totally in that summer frantic place, because 1.) I got a promotion at work and … Continue reading »

Miss Migraine says goodbye

This will be my last post as Miss Migraine, but you can find my new blog at my website, kellylynnthomas.com, where I’ll be writing about the process of becoming the best version of myself in spite of challenges like having constant migraines. When I began this blog a few years ago, I desperately needed a … Continue reading »

A Few Ways Out of the Dark

As soon as I make it through one week, another week starts. The things I haven’t done pile up, like dog fur dust bunnies in the corners of my kitchen. I want to tell the world to STOP, please just stop for an hour, a day, so I can rest, sleep, watch stupid television and … Continue reading »