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Guilt, blame, and whose fault is it, anyway?

After a three-month stretch of miserable, awful migraines that required multiple rounds of steroids and several sick days, my migraine specialist suggested we add a fourth preventative to my regimen of medications. “Now you really need to focus on lifestyle things, because you’re going to be on four preventatives and you’re not where you want … Continue reading »

Missing a beat (or ten)

It’s hard to take multiple medications multiple times daily without screwing it up somewhere. During the last days of my previous job, I kept forgetting to take my lunch-time meds. Recently, I left my prescriptions in the car and missed three days of one of my morning medications. Missing even one dose screws me up … Continue reading »

Did I drink too much coffee? Probably.

For the past three weeks, I’ve had a perfect storm of events that seem specifically designed to keep me in migraine hell FOREVER. First, I moved. Everything, my whole life, boxed up and carried from one house to another. Packing required some late nights with coffee as my friend. The day after the move, I … Continue reading »

What happens when I forget my triptans

After breakfast, I felt the migraine coming on. It spider-webbed across my forehead, sending fingers of pain inward to my brain. I was about to leave for my flight to California for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, and I wasn’t going to screw around with “Should I take a triptan or not?” Nothing—and especially not migraines, … Continue reading »

Emergency letter to myself

Dear Kelly, I am writing this because you feel guilty about taking care of yourself when you already have a migraine or are about to get one. You feel self-indulgent and spoiled. You feel like the world is going to pass you by if you’re not there to grab it on its way. You don’t … Continue reading »

Prozac is helping my migraines

Yes. You read that title correctly. On Prozac (fluoxetine), I’m having fewer and less severe migraines. I’ve even had a few days that were essentially pain-free–on these days I felt absolutely euphoric. I still have a migraine every day, and I still have a severe migraine at least one day per week (down from three … Continue reading »