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A seat in the classroom

A seat in the classroom

The stars have aligned in such a way that it makes sense for me to go back to grad school to earn a second master’s degree, this time in library science. I will be working full-time while I take classes part-time. I had trouble getting through grad school round one working part-time and taking classes … Continue reading »

Migraines and handwashing

I had to pee, so I stopped in the bathroom next to the coffee shop—the bathroom I knew stocked strongly perfumed soap. After I did my business, I breezed by a woman washing her hands. “No handwashing?!” she said in a chiding tone. I didn’t stop. “Nope!” Sure. I could have explained the reason I … Continue reading »

If this craving, then that substitute

The word “chocoholic” was invented for me. I have never in my 28 years of life gotten sick of chocolate. Or pie. Pie is great. Under normal circumstances I have no difficulty eating a reasonable portion of whatever delicious baked good crosses my path. The problem is that Prozac–the very same drug that has reduced … Continue reading »

Emergency letter to myself

Dear Kelly, I am writing this because you feel guilty about taking care of yourself when you already have a migraine or are about to get one. You feel self-indulgent and spoiled. You feel like the world is going to pass you by if you’re not there to grab it on its way. You don’t … Continue reading »

Support this documentary to spread migraine awareness

Support this documentary to spread migraine awareness

If you follow any migraine-related accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or any other social media network, or you receive newsletters from migraine-related organizations, you’ve probably already heard about the documentary Out of My Head. According to its website, Out of My Head is the first comprehensive, feature-length documentary about migraine (and it’s about time!). The … Continue reading »

When insurance companies play doctor

A few months ago, I received a piece of mail from my insurance company advertising their “Health Coaches.” For no extra charge, the letter informed me, a certified RN would help me cope with my… depression? Wait, I thought, when the hell was I diagnosed with depression? Have my migraines gotten so bad that I’m … Continue reading »