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Guilt, blame, and whose fault is it, anyway?

After a three-month stretch of miserable, awful migraines that required multiple rounds of steroids and several sick days, my migraine specialist suggested we add a fourth preventative to my regimen of medications. “Now you really need to focus on lifestyle things, because you’re going to be on four preventatives and you’re not where you want … Continue reading »

“You’re too sick.”

Over the past two months I’ve been experiencing a major migraine flare up. It’s funny (not really) how much worse the bad times feel to me now that I’m getting a fair amount of (almost) no migraine time. I feel out of sync with my job, my personal life, my responsibilities as a writer and … Continue reading »

Self-imposed stress

Hello there! I haven’t seen you in awhile. How have you been? Me? I’ve been taking on more and more responsibility at work, writing my butt off, and trying to balance everything without giving myself a stress-induced migraine every day. I’ve only been partially successful on the balance bit, and mostly unsuccessful in the migraine … Continue reading »

Migraines and handwashing

I had to pee, so I stopped in the bathroom next to the coffee shop—the bathroom I knew stocked strongly perfumed soap. After I did my business, I breezed by a woman washing her hands. “No handwashing?!” she said in a chiding tone. I didn’t stop. “Nope!” Sure. I could have explained the reason I … Continue reading »

Cruises, migraines, and limitations

Cruises, migraines, and limitations

I can probably never go on a cruise, and not because I can’t afford it. According to my mother, who takes a cruise every winter, music plays constantly in all the recreation areas. There’s usually a dance night on the ship’s promenade, with loud music and flashing lights. They even pipe music into the cabins … Continue reading »

Book Review: The Woman’s Guide to Managing Migraine

Book Review: The Woman’s Guide to Managing Migraine

Title: The Woman’s Guide to Managing Migraine: Understanding the Hormone Connection to find Hope and Wellness Author: Susan Hutchinson, MD Publisher: Oxford University Press Format: Trade paperback Pages: 240 ISBN: 978-0199744800 List Price: $19.95 I’m sort of embarrassed to admit how much I learned from The Woman’s Guide to Managing Migraine—not only about the connection … Continue reading »